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Имя: jack a. donahey
E-mail: jdonahey@llc.net
City: USA
Date: 11.12.1998

Nata my secret love -- I think that you have done a wonderful work on your home page and i really like it.. we would like to know more about YOU. more pictures of you at home, at work and at play.. a little about your life also , so we can feel that we really know you.. thank you for all your hard work on this page we love you !!!

Имя: Wizard Of Oz
E-mail: -
City: -
Date: 11.12.1998

Смело и замечательно

Имя: npoxo}|{uu`
E-mail: -
City: -
Date: 08.12.1998

KPACuBO npocto kpacuBo

Имя: Vlad
E-mail: catbegemot@yahoo.com
City: New-York
Date: 07.12.1998

Hi, this is Vlad. Just checking out here

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