Персидские и экзотические кошки и котята. Питомник Marvel Pussy

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My first seal-tortie persian female turned out at our house in 1996.Then I bought tortie silver classic exotic female. So my persian-exotic hobby began from these two girls. I have never regreted these breeds. On the contrary I'm falling in love more and more....

My favourite colours are silver colours. I'm seeking to get modern type kittens with baby-face in these colours

In 2006 two kittens were bought to my cattery from Gr.Int.Ch. (WCF) (CFA) Felinidad`s Richard Lion`s Heart : Gr.Eu.Ch. (WCF) CH (CFA) Ioanna Van Drake and (CFA) Elarty Sebast`yan of Marvel Pussy.

Ioanna surprise me at shows.

As from 2007 the kittens were born from our handsome cat. His first daughter Marvel Pussy Benedikta Aurora Australis was shown at Babysaloon in 2007. I was very glad, that all judges liked her. I hope very much that our male will give us many wonderful kittens.

Persian and exotic are the most splendid, soft and tender cats!!! They like their owners. They want to communicate with you. They wait this communication. And our little kitten says you: "Let's get aquainted. Let's love each other. I'm wonder-kitten."

Контакты: тел. (495) 502-01-62,
моб. 8-909-936-23-44, 8-916-790-87-80
E-mail: marvelpussy@mail.ru


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