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Welcome to our web-site!

We, Olga and Oleg Efremovy, are the owners of the cattery O'leff. We invite you to get acquainted with our cats.

About us: we were breeding persian cats, exotic shorthaired cats and silver-black coloured scottish fold cats. Look the photos.

While attending one of the shows, we were astonished by the beauty and the gracefulness of the abys. So in 2002 we got our first aby, a sorrel boy, Ray Hamilton Sun's World. Later we bought three rudy girls for him in turn in different catteries.

Now we work only with abys, and our pretty exotic shorthaired cat lives with us as a pet.

If you are interested in aby cats, you like our kittens and you are planning
to buy any of them, please, contact us: e-mail: info@oleff.ru
tel: (495) 460-46-40
mob: 8-916-428-64-75 Oleg
mob: 8-916-428-64-78 Olga


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E-mail: info@oleff.ru
Tel. +7 (495) 460-46-40 Moscow, Russia
+7-916-428-64-78 Olga +7-916-428-64-75 Oleg
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